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Individual Fluids Direct

For over 50 years ZiEn, Inc. and, prior to 2011 Moraine Liquid Technologies, have been providing packaging services and solutions for oil, lubricants and commercial fluids.
With a specific focus on oil, lubricant and commercial fluid packaging, ZiEn, Inc. has developed a fluid package and dispensing system geared toward the individual user.
Through the ongoing development of flexible pouch packaging and, the creation of ZiEn’s graduated measuring devices, the fluid direct system provides an accurate, no mess, and environmentally sensitive solution for an individual to handle and dispense fluids.
The system is for use by an individual who requires a quart or less of a specific type of fluid. Typical applications include requiring measurement for mixing of fluids, precise filling, limits on long term or larger quantity of fluid storage and, restrictions on disposal of waste oil and their corresponding packaging and containers.

Advantages of a pouch

Variety of shapes, sizes and fitments (spouts). Allows for an application specific package, reinforcing ease of use and eliminating “difficult to handle and fill” situations.

Environmentally friendly due to lower plastic content and weight vs. traditional bottle. The reduction results in lower energy costs to produce and transport. In addition, a flexible pouch maintains a lower overall landfill impact vs. a comparable plastic bottle.

Individual fluid dispensing system – what you need, how you need it!


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