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For over 50 years ZiEn, Inc and, prior to 2011 Moraine Liquid Technologies, have been providing operational, maintenance and process fluids to the commercial and industrial markets.
With a specific focus on oil, lubricant and commercial fluid packaging, ZiEn, Inc. maintains the expertise, facilities and resources to provide a cost effective and high quality fluid solution for your operational, maintenance or manufacturing application. 
ZiEn, Inc. combines both the flexibility of package size and type, with a range of fluid offerings to enable you to get what you need, in the amount needed.
Types of Operational, Maintenance and Process Fluids Offered by ZiEn, Inc. include, but are not limited to the following: 

AW (Anti-Wear) Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil formulation providing anti-wear (zinc), oxidation and rust inhibiting qualities. A high quality fluid for use in general plant lubrication applications.

ZF (Zinc-Free) Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil specifically designed to operate in extreme temperatures. Shear stable high Viscosity Index provides a wide temperature service for easy start up at low temperatures and, protection under high heat conditions.

UHTF (Universal Hydraulic Tractor Fluid)

A multi-functional fluid formulated for use in tractors utilizing a common fluid for transmission, hydraulic system, final drive, differential and wet brakes.

R&O (Rust & Oxidation) Oil

Formulation meeting the most critical applications utilizing a rust and oxidation inhibited oil. Oil of choice for use in Hydraulic systems.

Air Compressor Oil

Mineral based oil formulated to deliver outstanding performance for the life of your equipment.

VPO (Vacuum Pump Oil)

A zinc-free anti-wear Vacuum Pump Oil formulated to deliver outstanding performance and extended equipment life. Superior oxidation, rust and corrosion protection.

Non- Detergent Oil

Mineral based oil formulated without detergent additives. Use in applications requiring this type of oil.

AGMA Gear Oil- EP (Extreme Pressure)

Gear oil formulated for a wide variety of heavy duty industrial applications. These gear oils provide excellent anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection, foam suppression and water separation capabilities.

Waylube Oil

Oil designed to provide maximum protection to machine tool ways. Excellent adhesiveness. Protects under heavy loads with excellent rust protection.

120C Cutting Oil

General purpose cutting oil designed as a lubricant for automatic screw machines. Formulated for use with aluminum, brass, bronze alloys, and mild carbon steel and difficult non- ferrous alloys. Maintains a light color with the presence of chlorine.

Thread Cutting Oil

Cutting oil with high load carrying and film strength of sulfur and chlorine with high lubricity. Its lubricating qualities provide a better finish to work pieces. Tools remain sharper with less wear resulting in fewer replacements.

4-Cycle Small Engine Oil

Premium small engine oil specially formulated for naturally aspirated gasoline engines. The formulation consistently delivers performance under difficult operating conditions. Maintains a high degree of protection against engine deposits and wear.

2-Cycle Engine Oil

High performance “low-smoke” two-stroke. Meets the requirements for “low smoke” oils often referred to as “smokeless” oils. Designed primarily for use with oil injection systems where no fuel / oil premixing is required. However, it is also acceptable for use in premixes of gasoline and oil up to 50:1. ISO-GD & JASO FD performance.

PG-2 Green Grease (Universal Application EP2)

True multi-purpose lubricant incorporating the latest developments in additive and polymer technology. Lithium complex grease. Designed to exceed daily demands encountered in construction, commercial, industrial and automotive applications. Provides long service life in a broad range of applications.

Parts Washer Fluid

140 Mineral Spirits (cannot ship UPS or Fed Ex)

Rhino Water Base ECO-Friendly – A heavy-duty parts cleaner degreaser formulated from synthetic surfactants. Designed to replace hazardous agents, solvents, acids and high alkali chemicals which threaten the environment as well as the health of the user and bystanders. 

Floor Scrubber Cleaner

Rhino Water Base ECO-Friendly – A versatile cleaner degreaser formulated from synthetic surfactants. Designed to handle the toughest cleaning and scrubbing projects. Can be used in automatic scrubbers or other floor cleaning equipment and applications.

Contact ZiEn, Inc. through the Inquiry / Request Form with questions, specification information on a fluid listed above or, inquiry regarding availability of a fluid not listed.