Specializing in Oil, Lubricant & Commercial Fluid Packaging
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Our Company

OUR MISSION: To be customer focused and cost effective in the blending, packaging and distribution of oil, lubricants and commercial fluids. Incorporate innovative design and production methods while remaining sensitive to overall environmental impact.

Company History

Prior to 2010 the company was known as Moraine Liquid Technologies and owned and operated by the Zimmerman family. In 2011, the company name was changed to ZiEn, Inc. and is now owned and managed by the second generation of the Zimmerman family. The long term involvement in the operation and ownership of the company combines for over 50 years of blending, handling, filling, packaging and distributing oil, lubricants and commercial fluids to the commercial, industrial and OEM market place.

Markets Served

  • Commercial – Fluids used in the operation and lubrication of commercial equipment. The fluid can be a specific blend or common formulation and used for ongoing maintenance or repair. The fluids are primarily distributed through business wholesale organizations.
  • Industrial – Internal fluids used within a manufacturer’s production process. The fluid is used in the manufacturing or testing equipment of an end product. Fluids are primarily sold direct or through a supplier distribution relationship.
  • OEM – Fluids used by an operator for lubricating and maintaining a motor, machine or piece of equipment. The fluids can be a proprietary blend or common formulation and are used for operational maintenance. Fluids are packaged specifically for an OEM through private label packaging. Private label packaging constitutes a customer specific label and / or container.

Facility & Quality Process

  • ZiEn, Inc. maintains a 52,000 sq. ft. facility on 7 acres in the River Bend Business Park located in in Oconomowoc, WI. The building houses 8 packaging lines, 42 fluid storage tanks with a total capacity of 125,000 gals and, 10,000 sq. ft. of dedicated warehouse space. Logistics of both raw material and finished product is accommodated through 5 dock doors w/ levelers in addition to a rail siding adjacent to the property.
  • ZiEn, Inc. maintains an ISO 9001 standard review process. The review and update of the quality process and manual occur annually prior to the end of each calendar year.  

Management & Ownership Team

  • The President and part owner of ZiEn, Inc. is the second generation son of the founding Zimmerman family. He has over 30 years of experience with the company in materials, package design, product development and production and became President in 2001.
  • The Manager of customer service, purchasing and production scheduling is the second generation daughter of the founding Zimmerman family and, the other part owner of ZiEn, Inc. She has over 16 years of experience with the company in the areas of business and production operations.