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Private Label Contract Packaging

For over 50 years ZiEn, Inc and, prior to 2011 Moraine Liquid Technologies, have been providing private label contract packaging services to the commercial, industrial and OEM markets.
With a specific focus on oil, lubricant and commercial fluid packaging, ZiEn, Inc. maintains the expertise, facilities and resources to provide a cost effective and high quality packaging solution for your private label contract packaging application.
ZiEn, Inc. maintains both the capability and flexibility to satisfy your oil, lubricant & commercial fluid packaging requirements by offering the following:


  • • Access to standard and custom bottle sizes
  • • Access to standard and custom closures / caps
  • • Custom flexible pouch configurations and sizes
  • • Access to  an assortment of pouch fitment sizes


  • • Custom fluid – blend in house
  • • Custom fluid – customer supplied and stored in house
  • • Standard fluid – sourced from ZiEn’s supplier network
  • • Standard fluid – customer supplied and stored in house
  • • Multiple fluid categories: oil, lubricants, grease, commercial cleaner, and bird nectars


  • • Custom label sizes, shapes and configurations
  • • Standard carton types 
  • • Custom carton configuration
  • • Packaging provided by customer
  • • Packaging sourced from ZiEn’s supplier network


  • • Internal storage capacity of roughly 125,000 gals
  • • In house QC lab for raw material and finished product qualification and testing
  • • High volume and short run production flexibility
  • • Specialty filling applications capability

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