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Rhino Cleaning Solution


Rhino cleaning products are environmentally responsible and effective on the toughest cleaning challenges. All of the cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic - safe to use around children, animals and plants. Rhino products are hypoallergenic GREEN cleaning solutions using water soluble surfactants for a true green rating.

Sweet Punch Bird Nectar

Sweet Punch bird nectar is a high sugar mixture for both hummingbirds and orioles. Its natural sweets are bird friendly, giving them the ability to metabolize the nectar and absorb into their bloodstream for energy. Sugar sweet nectar provides a natural alternative to flower nectar.

Resurgence Power Products

Resurgence Power Products fluids are quality fluids formulated with state of the art components. The result is a high performance fluid for use in all corresponding equipment applications.   

That Measuring Thing

That Measuring Thing (TMT) is a graduated device for accurate measurement and dosing of fluids and concentrates. Graduated in both Ounces and 2-Cycle fuel ratios, TMT provides accurate measurement while eliminating mess and waste.

"Accurate Mix....Fresh Fuel"

 The Tanker™ is a graduated device for mixing 2-cycle oil with gas. It measures and mixes the exact amount of fresh 2-cycle fuel a “tank” at a time. Eliminating fuel waste and, excess fuel which can deteriorate over time and lead to poor equipment performance.